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News, Gatherings and Reunions 

A memorial mass will be held in remembrance of the 20th Anniversary of Police Officer Neil Forster’s line of duty death.  Mass will take place at 10:00 am on December 6, 2017 The College of Mount Saint Vincent Chapel 6301 Riverdale Avenue, Bronx, N.Y. A buffet breakfast will be served following mass. Please RSVP by December 1, 2017 to 50 Pct. Community Affairs, Det. Ramos (646) 342-0853.

The 2018 NYPD Florida Reunion will take place on Thursday, February 8, 2017 at Benvenuto’s, located at 1730 N. Federal Hwy. Boynton Beach, Florida (561) 364-0600, from Noon-4:00 PM. Cost is $50.00 per person and you must pre-pay by check. Sit down lunch and 2 hours of beverages, with an additional 2 hours provided by Irv Mechanic. Beer, wine and soda included, with a cash bar. For more information, contact committee members Bill Callahan (845-664-4227) or Tom Mullen (914-804-0213). 

​                                                 Employment Opportunities  




There are many questions  about the SAFE ACT and registration.  The NYS Troopers have a website  At this time, we recommend waiting for more information.  We are scheduling a guest speaker in the near future to address questions and clarify the issues.  
Below is the link to the NYSP web site for recertification of your pistol license as required under the SAFE Act.  If your license was issued before January 15, 2013, you are required to complete your recertification before January 31, 2018.  
There is no plan to notify license holders.  You have to remember to do this on your own every 5 years.  Upon completion of the certification procedure, you will be given your next "due date."  You can submit your information on line or print out a paper document and submit it by mail.  Paper forms are also available at all NYSP locations.  

PLEASE NOTE: This system does not handle Westchester County, Nassau County, Suffolk County or New York City issued licenses.  Each of these jurisdiction's current procedures still apply. 


Too often spouses and families are left in a quandary upon the death of a loved one. Few
situations in life are more stressful than when a spouse passes. All too often we have a
difficult time focusing on the issues at hand and need guidance to get the deceased’s
affairs in order. A number of members have shared a guideline/list of steps to be taken.

(Hopefully   Not Needed For A Long Time)   
 The following is a general guide for the widow(er) or the decease's   family regarding   important notifications that must be made by the surviving spouse and information you should have on hand when a retiree dies. 
GATHER     ASSETS - This doesn't mean piling them all together. It means getting a list     of all the assets at the time of the decedent's death, along with copies of     statements, deeds, etc. This information is needed for probate. It's also     essential for filing federal and state estate tax returns, if     required. 
REVIEW IRAs - If the surviving spouse is the beneficiary, decide whether to roll an IRA over to the surviving spouse.       
GET     GOOD ADVICE - and get it now. The money you pay to attorneys and other     advisers to resolve issues NOW can be much lower than if you deal with problems AFTER a person's death.

In case of couples, usually most of the property is held in joint names and the survivor obtains same "by operation of law". However, there may be some     items which were held in the name of the deceased only, and in that case it     would be necessary to go to Probate Court to transfer ownership of that property, unless listed in a trust. 

GET     ORGANIZED NOW - When someone dies, one of the big problems for beneficiaries     is locating the things necessary to settle the   estate. Make sure     you know before the death occurs where to find the following documents and     information. (This is just a partial list)
  Living     Will
  Deeds (if any)
  Safe-deposit boxes (location of boxes, contents and keys)
  Life insurance policies
  Funeral and burial instructions
  Names and addresses of creditors and debtors
   List of assets and  where they are located
   List of all advisers (attorney, accountant, insurance agent, stockbroker,    etc.)       
II.   STEPS TO BE TAKEN AFTER DEATH - Notifications to be   made: 
     1. NYC Police Pension Fund (either in   writing or by telephone) 
           233 Broadway, 25th Floor
         New   York, New York 10279
         Attention:   Retiree Death Benefits   Unit
         Telephone (212)   693-5607/5919 
Contact the appropriate Union   for a possible existing life insurance policy and also for continuation   of optional benefits, if qualified.   
  Police     Officers - Patrolmen's Benevolent Association (PBA) at 

  (212) 233-5531         
  Detectives     - Detectives' Endowment Association (DEA) at 

  (212) 587-9120         
  Sergeants     - Sergeant's Benevolent Association (SBA at (212) 431-6555     Lieutenants     and above - Superior Officers Council (SOC) at 

  (212) 964-7500     
 2.    Contact the NYC Health Benefits Program for Special Continuation of Coverage application   (coverage for life) located at 40 Rector Street, 3rd Floor, New York  10006   (212) 513-0470. 
3.  Contact the NYPD Operations Unit located at   One Police Plaza at (646) 610-5580, for pall bearers (Funeral Director will usually do this for you) for all five boroughs, all of Long Island and Upstate New York, but not beyond Dutchess County. 
4.   Contact Social Security: (800) 772-1213 (Funeral Director will usually do this for you)   

5.  Contact Fraternal Organizations to arrange for   visitors, Color Guard and possible insurance benefits 
 6.  If a veteran, notify the Veterans Administration at (800) 827-1000   for: Grave marker,   Funeral Allowance and Flag (Funeral Director will usually do this for you). If can't find discharge papers or DD 214, you will need date of Enlistment, date of Discharge,   Branch & Serial Number. If deceased had 100% disability for 10 years, spouse   is entitled to an additional benefit.
  7.  Notify your Church or Temple for announcements and to arrange for  funeral. (Funeral Director will usually do this for you).
   Health Insurance: COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985)   COBRA has a safety net. If spouse or dependent   was covered under  deceased's   health plan they may continue coverage under COBRA for up to 36 months.   New York State in 2001 amended the Administrative Code to continue Health   Care Coverage for Surviving Spouses for Life (Download Information          Regarding   this Amendment). This enables the deceased's spouse and/or dependents   to receive coverage at the group rate. The City and the Line Organization   health benefits stop at the death of the members. The rate, though high, is cheaper than the non group rate.   
          Call: NYC   Employee Benefits (212) 513-0470

DEATH CERTIFICATES - Death Certificates are necessary in   every step to the successful administration of a decedent's estate.   (Usually  Funeral will obtain certificates as part of his service at   current cost). They are usually needed for:
    Pension Bureau 
    Veterans Administration (if   a veteran) 
    Motor Vehicle Bureau if auto was   in deceased's name.

     1 for each insurance policy   
     Court (If probate is needed)   
     Your State Department of Revenue to obtain   non-tax certificate if            real property is involved.   
      Bank accounts held in Trust for another

      1   for each account if property held in a Trust   
      Personal Records   
     Note: If estate is probated, some of the above   will take a Letter Testamentary instead of   a Death Certificate.

MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE (With Official Raised Seal):   
Social Security, (not necessary if surviving spouse already receiving   benefits)  Veterans Administration, if a veteran. 

Motor Vehicle Bureau, if auto is   in the deceased's name. 
One for each bank account 
Brokerage house   account (share of stock or bonds, etc. that were in the deceased's name alone)   

DISCHARGE PAPERS: DD 214 - (Original needed) 
Social Security, if   spouse was not already receiving benefits. Remember that service time counts   toward qualification. They will Photostat. 
Veterans Administration, if a   veteran

1 copy for Pension Bureau
1 copy for   Probate Court
1 copy for IRS, if taxable estate.

OTHER THINGS THAT   MAY APPLY (usually after burial)
Cancel any leases. (If your parent or   loved one rented a home, cancel the lease after clearing out the furnishings)   
Inform insurance companies
File life insurance claims for any policies   on the person's life, and request that the insurers send you Form 712, Life   Insurance Statement (this is a statement about the life insurance that must be   filed with the estate tax return). 
Make sure the car insurance company   continues to cover the person's car until it's sold or transferred to a   beneficiary. 
Make sure the homeowners policy continues to provide adequate   coverage for the person's things until removed from the home. 
Notify   companies the person did business with. 
Cancel credit cards, and close   charge accounts. 
Have airlines to transfer frequent-flier miles to the   primary beneficiary.  (Each airline has different policy concerning this   issue. Check with carrier about rules)

Consideration should also be   given to making pre-death funeral arrangements. This provision, no matter how   painful, should be discussed by couples and by parents with their families.   Too often, spouse and children spend much too much money on a funeral and do   so without really knowing what were the deceased's wishes in this regard   (Place of burial, Cremation, etc.)

Consideration should also be given   to having a "Family Durable Power of Attorney" (Someone to take over your   finances if you become incapacitated or incompetent)

There are no words   of comfort at such a difficult time, however, if you have all the necessary   information at the ready it will expedite any claim that is pending, make the   process run smoothly, and your stress level can be minimized.

Attached   is a List of Phone Numbers that you can print out and put with your important   papers.

Operations   Desk                      646-610-5580
NYCPD   General   Info               646-610-5000
Pension   Section                      866-692-7733
I D Card Section                         646-610-5150
Employee Benefits                    212-513-0470
PBA Health & Welfare             212-349-7560
PBA   Caremark Drug Plan     877-722-7911
PBA Satellite                                954-977-3880
DEA                                              212-587-9120
SBA                                               212-226-2180
SBA Health & Welfare             212-431-6555
RSA                                                 516-564-1861
LBA-SOC                                      212-964-7500
GHI                                                800-358-5500
Empire Blue   Cross                  800-433-9592
Medicare   Re-Imbursement   212-513-0470
Medicare                                       800-633-4227
Social Security                           800-772-1213
Social Security-TTY   #              800-325-0778