Proposed for membership                                                          
                   Proposed                                           Agency                                       Proposed by______

                   Kenneth Beyer                                Haverstraw PD                       Manny Figueroa 
                   Kenneth Correa                              NYPD                                        Pete Bell 
                   Thomas DeFrancesco                    Stony Point PD                       Lynn Hayes 
                   Glenn Dietrich                                Clarkstown PD                        Ed Weireter 
                   Stephen Dietrich                             NYPD                                       Ed Weireter 
                    John P. Giordano                           Clarkstown PD/PAPD            Christian Cortelli 
                   Vincent J. Krill                                  NYPD (Ret.)                             Mark Swammy 
                   Laurie Stila                                    NYPD (Ret.)                                John Pinto                   
                             ****Welcome to any new members. Please see any board member upon arrival 

                                                 at your first meeting in order to be sworn in.********        


​President                     Ed Weireter

1st Vice President      Keith Hansen

2nd Vice President     Lou Falco III

Treasurer                     Joe Cain

Secretary                      Lynn Hayes

Financial Secretary      Jim Sciacca

1st Sgt. at Arms           Mike Heath

2nd Sgt at Arms           Dennis Dodrill

Editor                             Peg Varieur

Chaplain                        George Albin


Orangetown               Daniel Ryan

Clarkstown                  Chris Cortelli

Haverstraw                  Manny Figueroa

Stony Point                  Bob Bertrand

Ramapo                        Mike Higgins    

Trustee at Large          Tim Connolly Jr

​Health and Welfare    John Dillon

​Historian                       Jack Coleman

Past President             Mark Murphy

Contact us with news or to join our email list. Email list requests must include your membership number. Requests without a membership number will not be honored.