​President                     Ed Weireter

1st Vice President      Keith Hansen

2nd Vice President     Lou Falco III

Treasurer                     Joe Cain

Secretary                      Lynn Hayes

Financial Secretary      Jim Sciacca

1st Sgt. at Arms           Mike Heath

2nd Sgt at Arms           Dennis Dodrill

Editor                             Peg Varieur

Chaplain                        George Albin


Orangetown               Daniel Ryan

Clarkstown                  Chris Cortelli

Haverstraw                  Manny Figueroa

Stony Point                  Bob Bertrand

Ramapo                        Mike Higgins    

Trustee at Large          Tim Connolly Jr

​Health and Welfare    John Dillon

​Historian                       Jack Coleman

Past President             Mark Murphy

                                                                     PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE         
Thanks to all who sent letters to the NYS Parole Board regarding the parole hearing for Judith Clark.  What is really disturbing is the number of people and organizations that support her parole.  This can be confirmed by a quick search on the internet.  There is still time to send in a letter to the Parole Board.  The latest news available is that the parole hearing may be delayed (by a few months).  So let the voice of the law enforcement community be heard. 

The Brinks robbery was 38 years ago.

Many in today’s ranks weren’t even born yet.  It is important that we keep the memory and impact of this event alive. 
If we fail to remember our history then we are condemned to repeat it.  

A quick note about our membership:

Some of you may remember when the Shields had the best membership drive going – it was called “BILL BOYD”.  Bill probably recruited half our members.  Bill worked with the rookies in the Bronx and part of training included an application to join the Shields.  At one time we had almost 1500 members. 
Well, we don’t have numbers like that these days.  I’m sure there are many in our profession that would enjoy participating in our events.  This organization exists to be social – and who wouldn’t want to make a few new friends?  We all know someone (active or retired) who isn’t a member yet.  So, bring in a new member.  To the untrained eye our meetings are just a bunch of cops telling cop stories.  It’s much more than that:  Can you think of a better setting to pass on all this knowledge and wisdom to the next generation?  

Email update – we have almost 800 members signed on.  Thanks to all who have opted in.  You may see one more printed newsletter as it takes a little time to update those 800 member records.  If you would like to go paperless (or if you gave us your email and haven’t received an email yet) please contact any Board member or just send an email to: 




                                                                                                             Ed Weireter


                         No one loves the warrior until the enemy is at the gate. 


Rockland County Shields

March 2019