We made it through the winter - now on to the fair weather activities. 

Please keep in mind some of the events in the next few months. 
May 12             RC Shields – Mother’s Day Communion Breakfast, 9 AM, Dominican College
May 15             National Law Enforcement Memorial Day
May 19             Rockland County Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremony, 11 AM, New City
June 26             RC Shields - Summer BBQ at the Haverstraw Elks, 6 PM (Super 50-50 drawing!!)
July 25             RC Shields - Rockland Boulders Game, 6 PM  

I have been asked by several members if the Shields will be selling shirts and hats.  The answer is “yes”.  We are in the process of ordering tee shirts, sweat shirts, baseball hats, and other apparel with the Shields logo.  These items will be available for sale at the General Membership meetings.  Thanks for the suggestions and for your patience.

I mentioned this in an earlier newsletter, but it is an important topic and worth repeating. 
The attack on law enforcement officers in today’s society is of out of control.  

The political climate – seemingly without regard to the events of terrorism around the world – appears to be aimed at disarming law abiding citizens.  Just who are our representatives representing? 
The authority for individuals to possess and carry has come under great scrutiny (and attack) by those seeking immediate and eternal security from all evil doers.  

Luck favors the prepared mind.  Anyone that chooses to carry should be mindful of the provisions of LEOSA (commonly known as HR 218), the NY SAFE Act, and the NY Penal Law (Articles 265 and 400).                                                                         


                                                                                                             Ed Weireter


                         No one loves the warrior until the enemy is at the gate. 



​President                     Ed Weireter

1st Vice President      Keith Hansen

2nd Vice President     Lou Falco III

Treasurer                     Joe Cain

Secretary                      Lynn Hayes

Financial Secretary      Jim Sciacca

1st Sgt. at Arms           Mike Heath

2nd Sgt at Arms           Dennis Dodrill

Editor                             Peg Varieur

Chaplain                        George Albin


Orangetown               Daniel Ryan

Clarkstown                  Chris Cortelli

Haverstraw                  Manny Figueroa

Stony Point                  Bob Bertrand

Ramapo                        Mike Higgins    

Trustee at Large          Tim Connolly Jr

​Health and Welfare    John Dillon

​Historian                       Jack Coleman

Past President             Mark Murphy


Rockland County Shields

April 2019