The Executive Board for 2020-2021 will be sworn in during the General Membership Meeting to be held at the Haverstraw Elks on January 29.  Keith Hansen will take the office of President, and I can assure the membership that we are in good hands.  
      There are a few new faces on the Board: 
            Gerry O'Connor will be the Clarkstown Trustee. 
            Mark Swammy will be the Editor of the Newsletter.  
       I wish to thank the members of the 2018-2019 Executive Board.  Their dedication and assistance during the last two years made our various activities and events possible.  We can always use extra help.  There is room on every committee.  
       Dues Notices for 2020 have been mailed out.  To those who have already sent in dues payments – we thank you for your prompt response.  Please send in your dues payments as soon as possible so we can get all the 2020 membership cards out.  
       We ask that members be ready to show a current card at the door when attending General Membership Meetings.  The By Laws clearly state that meetings are for members in “good standing”.  If you don’t have a 2020 membership card – you may not have paid your dues.  If you are not sure – see Financial Secretary Jim Sciacca.  
       In the news - the topic of Bail Reform is on fire.  Not too many candidates mentioned this at Candidates Night.  Keep track of our representatives performance.  Some candidates that run for a local office in the current election cycle may soon attempt to springboard into a higher state or federal position.  Remember this in November and decide if they should keep their jobs.


                                                                                                            Ed Weireter  

                              Never argue with a fool.  Onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.  (Mark Twain)



​President                     Keith Hansen

1st Vice President      Christian Cortelli

2nd Vice President     Lou Falco III

Treasurer                     Joe Cain

Secretary                      Lynn Hayes

Financial Secretary      Jim Sciacca

1st Sgt. at Arms           Mike Heath

2nd Sgt at Arms           Dennis Dodrill

Editor                             Mark Swammy

Chaplain                        George Albin


Orangetown               Daniel Ryan

Clarkstown                 Gerry O'Connor

Haverstraw                  Manny Figueroa

Stony Point                  Bob Bertrand

Ramapo                        Mike Higgins    

Trustee at Large          Tim Connolly Jr

​Health and Welfare    John Dillon

​Historian                       Jack Coleman

Past President             Mark Murphy

Rockland County Shields

January 2020