​President                     Mark V. Murphy

1st Vice President      Keith Hansen

2nd Vice President     Lou Falco 

Treasurer                     Joe Cain

Secretary                      Lynn Hayes

Financial Secretary      Jim Sciacca

1st Sgt. at Arms           Mike Heath

2nd Sgt at Arms           Ed Weireter

Editor                             Peg Varieur

Chaplain                        George Albin


Orangetown               Daniel Ryan

Clarkstown                  Ray McCullagh

Haverstraw                  Manny Figueroa

Stony Point                  Bob Bertrand

Ramapo                        Mike Higgins    

Trustee at Large          Tim Connolly Jr

​Health and Welfare    John Dillon

​Historian                       Jack Coleman

Historian Emeritus      Tony Simeti

Past President             Bob Varieur

                                                                     PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE            

          I hope everyone is enjoying a happy and healthy New Year.  This will be my last newsletter as President.  I will always be honored to have been the President of such a great organization.  The past two years have flown by with many memorable times and accomplishments.  As an organization, we contributed to our community and profession; keeping murders in jail, preserving the New York State Constitution and helping our neighbors and fellow LEOs.  

          I want to thank the membership and The Executive Board for helping me during the past two years.  While there were challenges, there were always members willing to assist.  I would have never been able to do alone.  As I transition to my duties as Immediate Past President, I know the organization will continue to move forward under the leadership of our new President, Ed Weireter and The 2018-19 Executive Board.  The fact that we continue to attract new members and new Board Officers is a testament to the Rockland County Shields and the quality of our members.  

          I hope to see you at our next meeting, bring a friend and maybe a new member.                                        
                                                                                                                   Fraternally yours, 

                                                                                                                       Mark V. Murphy



Rockland County Shields

January 2018